about us


For pregnant mothers and their families, Mamahealth is the trusted and familiar home where they know they’ll find a healing touch. We provide them with every health information they need to take care of their pregnancy/child’s health based on the age of the child or stage of the pregnancy using simple sms technology. These massages equip you with knowledge on reproductive health, child development, nutrition, as well as clinics and vaccination reminders. We also provide low-cost clean birth kits to pregnant women in rural areas, these inexpensive mamahealth clean kits contain essential equipment’s required at childbirth to ensure clean, safe and hygienic delivery. Together we want to improve the healthcare experience of pregnant mothers and their families. We are guided by our values and driven by our mission which is to help reduce maternal and infant’s mortality, these are not just principles for our product but they are reflection of who we are as people.


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